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Washable Nappies

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Vanatau is the first country in the world to have banned single-use plastic products, including therefore disposable diapers.

And what's the situation in the Western countries? The Council of State of the European Union approved the law that had been proposed by the European Parliament to ban, starting from this year, the sale of some disposable plastic products such as cutlery, picnic plates, disposable straws, cotton- bows and sticks of plastic for balloons.

The road towards a world free from plastic still seems very long, but something is already changing and we can change too, by making little efforts in our everyday lifestyle.


Up to today, thanks to our colourful washable nappies, Liam has saved about 1,800 disposable nappies that would have ended up in a landfill. 😍

I have already talked about the different types of washable nappies available on the market and some of my favourite brands, but today I want to focus on one that I consider among the best, even if perhaps it is less known here in Italy.

I am talking about is Blümchen, an Austrian family-run company that has created its own line of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified diapers (certification of textile fabrics that guarantees the absence of harmful substances in them), of excellent quality, which in my opinion makes the best value for money!


But why shall we choose Blümchen?

Blumchen nappies are very slim and therefore also suitable for very thin or small children.

I want to start telling you about my favourite type, which is the AIO, the All in One.

Blümchen washable AIO nappies are wonderfully soft, so soft that as soon as you receive them you will want to sink your face into them!

The material which is used in their creation makes them so soft. Blümchen AIO nappies are made internally with bamboo fiber, a highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, natural material with antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it excellent for the most sensitive skin (how many times disposable diapers have left your babies' bottom all red? This is due to the chemical materials used to increase the absorbency in the disposable nappies).

Blümchen AIO nappies are characterized by a double barrier (as the picture shows below), in this way they are able to retain even the most liquid newborns poop.

But not only they are super soft and absorbent, there is more! Blümchen made a "Made in Turkey" variant (still made out of bamboo fibers), thicker and even more absorbent, which makes these AIOs incredibly softer, even more than those of their classic line. Your babies will feel cuddled like when in a warm hug in these diapers!



AIO nappies take a very long time to dry. But since good things take time, so we are happy to wait for them. 😄

When you put them on, you must pay attention to the elastic, which must be well turned inwards. If the white absorbent part remains visible, the body of your baby will get wet.


Now let's talk about the Pocket type, which is versatile and simple to use.

Less fluffy than the AIOs, Pocket nappies are convenient because they dry in a nanosecond.

This is due to the fact that the inserts (also made out of bamboo fiber) can be put in the dryer: while the cover dries in the air, in record time you will have your pocket nappies ready for use again.

The inserts are super absorbent, they accompanied us on a trip outside the city once, and they made their job, lasting for 5 hours, no leaking at all!

The same quick-drying feature also applies to AI2 nappies. Like all AI2s, they come with the double anti-leakage barrier on the thigh: the inserts are attached to the waterproof shell thanks to the velcro, and the convenience of this type of diaper is that, if it does not get dirty, the cover can be used again by simply changing the internal inserts.


Another point in favour of Blümchen: all types of their washable nappies are made both in with velcro closure and with snaps.

Personally, I prefer the velcro ones, because it takes one moment and, voila! The change is done. But there are mothers who prefer snaps as mini-humans particularly enjoy opening the velcro of the diaper once it is put on. 😅

In short, they offer models for all needs! But where to buy them? The company does not ship directly to end-customers in Italy but relies on resellers.

I had tried Ecoalma, Pannoliamo, Cuore Lavabile website, and they are all doing a great job in terms of fast delivery.

Last but not least, I am truly in love with Blümchen patterns.

Have a try, you will love them too! Seeing is believing ♥️

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