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All in One, or All in Two?

Bambino Mio, Tried & Tested for you

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My adventure with washable nappies began a bit like this: groping in the dark, going by trial and error.


I started by ordering the "Chinese nappies" (which are now our spare tire, our fallback if the rest of the nappies does not dry in time. But what are the "Chinese" nappies? In Italy we call these diapers like that because usually they are made in China and they do not have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 recognition, certification of textile fabrics that guarantees the absence of harmful substances in them), and I ran into Bambino Mio for the first time by chance, buying two diapers from a mother who had already successfully trained-potty her son.


It was love at the first change. (I want to open a parenthesis here on this detail: the mother who sold me those Bambino Mio nappies had used them until the potty-training; they have therefore been used for three years! I have been using them for about 8 months, and they are in absolutely excellent condition! This tells a lot about the quality of the materials used by this brand.

They have such a long life that they can be used by more siblings, which will allow you to save a lot in terms of money and it will help the environment avoiding tons of disposable diapers that take five hundred years to decompose in the landfill.


In the photo below you can see my mini-human wearing a Bambino Mio nappy which has the venerable age of almost 4 years, and he's in excellent shape!)


Apart from the exceptional quality, their very cute fantasies and the extreme ease of use have captivated me. The Bambino Mio AIO (All in One, or All in One) nappies, called MIOSOLO, is very easy to put on, exactly like a disposable diaper and it takes exactly the same (few) seconds to change, thanks to the practical velcro closure.

The absorbent insert is put into a large pocket, where you can add extra inserts in case of need.

The thing I like the most (and that makes this brand unique in its kind) is that these nappies are equipped with a practical strap that allows you to easily remove the insert before washing so that you can avoid touching soaked fabrics. Besides, removing the insert allows a faster drying time.


When approaching the world of washable, AIOs are usually the first choice, due to their extreme ease of use. Be careful, once you start it will be difficult to stop buying them! In fact, after the first purchases of AIO, I then also dived into the discovery of AI2 (or All in Two).

What are those? How do they work? The AI2 (Bambino Mio MIODUO) are two-piece nappies, consisting of a waterproof cover and absorbent inserts that are placed inside the cover. Simple right? Not only! The convenience of the All in Two lies in the fact that, if the cover is not dirty, you can easily change only the absorbent insert, and reusing the cover for a second change.

In terms of washing machines and the number of nappies needed, it really is a convenient solution for moms and dads.

Furthermore, the Bambino Mio MIODUO are even easier to use than the AI2s of other brands, as you can choose between two available sizes; Size 1 (up to 9kg) and Size 2 (from 9kg up).

In this way, the covers do not have the typical vertical buttons for resizing (which allows you to adjust the size on the thigh) and they simply must be put on as they are. They have a double barrier on the thigh, making them also excellent for containing the liquid poop of newborns, they are elastic and soft, leaving the children free to move.




The choice between the two types is really difficult, it depends on everyone's needs.

While MIOSOLO is undoubtedly faster and easier to use and is usually very popular among fathers, grandparents, babysitters and kindergarten teachers, the MIODUO on the other hand, is quicker to dry and versatile in terms of fillings, which is why they are often preferred by more experienced mothers.


As a matter of fact, with MIODUO nappies, there is the possibility to create a new diaper every time: according to the inserts that you will choose you can easily adjust the degree of absorbency, without compromising the freedom of movement of the children.


My advice is to try them both, and let yourself be conquered by the features of these wonderful nappies (and their beautiful patterns !! They have also just launched a new, sweet collection of themed Tender fruit & vegetables, really worth a look! Click here to find out!)

And, if you feel like shopping, go to their website and use the code BETTY15 to have access to a 15% discount on all the products! (Valid from 1/04/2021 until 1/10/2021!)


To sum up, Bambino Mio is good for our wallets, our children and the environment. What more could mamas possibly want?

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